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Check In

We offer a comprehensive check in service. 


We meet with the tenants on the day the tenancy commences to run through the inventory report and agree all information, make any amendments if necessary and obtain the signatures of the tenant as agreement of the Inventory Report.

  • In addition, we will agree the meter readings, the number and type of keys being handed over and the level of cleanliness assessed & included in the report. The check in report will be signed by the tenant on the check in declaration page and also every page of the report.

  • We forward the signed copy of the inventory to the Landlord or Agent.  Another copy will also be provided and retained by the tenant.

  • This appointment provides a solid foundation to a good tenancy to ensure both landlord & tenant start the renting process positively. It’s a good way to explain first hand to the tenant what will be expected at check-out to avoid potential cleaning & deposit disputes

Protect your investment with CS Inventories

Check Out

The check-out is the surrender (handover) of the property from the tenant back to the landlord at the end of the tenancy agreement term.  This involves a review of the entire property against the Inventory issued to the tenant at the start of the tenancy and assess the state and condition of the property in comparison to the initial Inventory.  At the time of the check out the tenant should have cleared all personal possessions and prepared the property to the standard expected for the handover.

  • After the check-out appointment a report will be compiled which will include the following: cleanliness, damages & maintenance will all be noted in a simple, easy to follow format, along with dated digital photographs as evidence.

  • Where possible, the tenant will be present to agree the findings and sign the check-out declaration.  They will also be asked for a forwarding address.

  • Keys will also be collected and logged.

  • Final meter readings will also be taken.

  • We understand the stress and difficulties landlords and tenants can undergo when disputing any dilapidation or damage.  As an independent company we are impartial and unbiased in our in-depth reporting, which will clearly identify any issues and reduce disputes between the two parties.

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