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Inventory Reports

We use bespoke technology to create inventory reports which are a legally binding document.  Our inventory reports include multiple dated digital photographs which provide an accurate overview of the property, its contents and their condition and cleanliness.

Two inventory reports are performed during every tenancy – one before the tenant moves in (Check in) the other when the tenant moves out (Check Out).

  • The inventory provides a detailed description of items and their condition, including all fixtures and fittings within the property.  It also records the condition of the décor, flooring, windows, woodwork & heating including any garage/gardens and external areas.

  • All of our documents have digital photographs integrated at no extra cost.

  • Our inventories are compiled in a practical and easy to follow layout! We even put the photographs by the item rather than having pages and pages of photographs at the back of the report which you have to keep flicking backwards and forwards.

Protect your investment with CS Inventories

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